Reply 1988 Jung Hae In

Does Jung Hae-in have a child?

Jung Hae In Shares Adorable Photos Of Himself Having A Blast With His On-Screen Son Ha Yi Ahn. via

Is Jung Hae-in a good person?

Jung Hae In is known for his kindness and generosity.

Ask any Korean actor he has worked with and they will tell you how good-hearted Hae In is. His fellow Tune In For Love cast member Kim Go Eun describes him as someone who's very kind and polite, and he "doesn't know what to do when you give him lots of compliments." via

Are Jung Hae-in and Kim Go Eun dating? (video)

Is jisoo in a relationship?

With this at hand, it appears that the K-pop idol is not in a relationship with anyone these days, at least in public. Even so, rumors and speculations about her dating life remain apparent. via

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