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What are the 4 types of Leopold's maneuver?


  • 1.1 First maneuver: fundal grip.
  • 1.2 Second maneuver: lateral grip.
  • 1.3 Third maneuver: second pelvic grip or Pawlik's grip.
  • 1.4 Fourth maneuver: Leopold's first pelvic grip.
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    What is determined by the 1st Leopold's maneuver?

    This maneuver assesses fetal weight and amniotic fluid volume. Pelvic grip: Your provider will move their fingers towards your pelvis then slide their hands over the side of your uterus to determine where your baby's brow is located. via

    What are the steps in performing Leopold's maneuver?

  • Instruct woman to empty her bladder first.
  • Place woman in dorsal recumbent position, supine with knees flexed to relax abdominal muscles.
  • Drape properly to maintain privacy.
  • Explain procedure to the patient.
  • Warms hands by rubbing together.
  • Use the palm for palpation not the fingers.
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    What is 2nd maneuver?

    Second Maneuver (Sides of maternal Abdomen) Examiner faces woman's head. Palpate with one hand on each side of Abdomen. Palpate fetus between two hands. Assess which side is spine and which extremities. via

    What are the three P's in Leopold's maneuver?

    positions may be directed anteriorly (A), transversely (T), or posteriorly (P). hand, exerts deep pressure in the direction of the axis of the pelvic inlet. Turn and face to the legs !!! via

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