Descendants Of The Sun Rating

How popular is Descendants of the Sun?

The drama has recorded a cumulative 16 billion viewings of its 12 episodes, and more than 1 billion viewers watch each episode at iQiyi, the largest online video site in China. The popularity of "Descendants of the Sun" has also been commented upon in international media, including the BBC. via

Why is Descendants of the Sun so good?

What makes Descendants of the Sun special is that it never gets bogged down in melodrama. It never takes itself too seriously, but delves just deep enough to care about the characters and what might become of them. While there are a few tense situations, the series is equally light-hearted and, most of all, sweet. via

Did Netflix remove Descendants of the Sun?

'Descendants of the Sun' has been removed from Netflix USA... It was available for about 24 months. via

What is the IMDB rating of Descendants of the Sun?

User Ratings

All Ages 45+
All 8.4 14,228 8.1 664
Males 8.0 2,511 7.9 290
Females 8.4 3,925 8.3 348


Is Descendants of the Sun overrated?

Descendants Of The Sun, South Korea's hottest TV drama right now, is overrated to the max. It is pure fluff, with a simplistic storyline that relies heavily on its delectable cast to bring in the eyeballs. There, I've said it. via

Was a descendant of the sun a hit?

The 16-episode drama is the most popular television show in South Korea, reaching the top spot with about 30% of the country's audience share after just five episodes in, according to research firm Nielson Korea. via

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